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Simplicity, Intuitiveness,
and Inclusivity 

Elevate your recognition experience with
Maestro’s new transformative AI suite

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| AI

AI isn't simply transforming the workplace; it is redefining how we collaborate, communicate, and evolve

Madison's Maestro AI suite provides your diverse, multi-generational workforce with powerful, intuitive tools that are designed to elevate the recognition experience, regardless of their location.
AI is more than just a tool, it's a strategic asset set to propel businesses towards unparalleled success, fostering a culture of recognition that knows no boundaries. 


Discover the suite of transformative AI tools within Maestro today and unlock endless possibilities.



Unlock the true power by creating emotional connections to recognition.

Imagine marking an employee's milestone with a video highlighting a year's worth of accomplishments, or instantly grabbing a user's attention upon login with a customized recognition video. With Maestro Moments, clients can trust that their employees will consistently be reminded of their achievements, fostering a culture of appreciation and excitement that will be sure to last a lifetime.

Madison's proprietary video generator is designed to deliver captivating and compelling videos that celebrate moments of recognition as they occur. An innovative video generator that utilizes advanced algorithms and learning capabilities to compile a recipient's recognition activities to create dynamic videos that highlight their achievements. 

Whether celebrating an employee's service anniversary or enhancing user engagement, our technology automatically creates personalized videos that resonate deeply.

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Don’t just talk about inclusion, put it into action! 

Introducing Maestro Advisor, Madison's revolutionary AI-powered message assistant! Our cutting-edge AI advisor automatically generates suggestions for recognition messages, ensuring they are not only positive, and meaningful, but also ensures that messages crafted are inclusive, and unbiased. 



Maestro’s “Empower” feature is engineered to amplify the visibility of deserving recipients based on ongoing recognition events and activities within your organization. By utilizing advanced algorithms and sophisticated data analysis, this tool dynamically identifies and suggests candidates for recognition, effortlessly guiding users towards giving timely, meaningful appreciation. 

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Looking for real-time assistance? 

As an additional enhancement to further elevate the user experience, Madison offers “Maestro Assist”, an AI powered, virtual chatbot that will promptly address employee inquiries directly from Micron’s recognition site.

Powered by Maestro AI, Madison's virtual assistant boasts sophisticated learning capabilities, enabling it to deliver intelligent responses to users utilizing the customer's existing dataset. From guiding users through the recognition site to checking order statuses and navigating various features, the assistant offers intelligent support tailored to user needs. Evolving continuously, our virtual assistant learns from user interactions and knowledge base inputs, providing suggestions for alternative questions and facilitating intricate, multi-turn conversations.


Unlock the full potential of you data with real-time, actionable insights.

Maestro Insights, powered by Maestro AI offers users real-time access to customizable data views, tailored to their needs. Dive into detailed insights including current activity status, trends and patterns, including advanced DE&I metrics, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and identified “challenge areas”.

In today’s data-driven business landscape, reporting and analytics play a pivotal role in shaping the success of any recognition initiative. Reporting tools must be made available at your fingertips to measure program effectiveness, identify top performers, recognize trends and patterns, drive continuous improvement, and ensure equity and fairness.

Madison offers a comprehensive on-screen and off-screen reporting suite, designed to empower organizations with actionable insights derived directly from their data. By providing advanced analytics capabilities, intuitive reporting tools, and robust data governance features, Maestro empowers users at all levels of the organizations, to unlock the full potential of their data.

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Maestro makes employee recognition a bonding social experience--connecting employees with one another, and no feature does that better than MaestroCheer.




Madison was named #2 Recognition Provider in a statistical photo finish for first place in HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen 2022 Ranking.



When employees feel their professional and personal life events matter, work-life balance is a natural byproduct, and so is employee satisfaction.



Experience it for yourself!

New Article - Sheena

Today, companies must think beyond the traditional definition of diversity in the workplace. The most successful companies embrace diversity of thought, where different points of view are encouraged and celebrated. When employees feel they have a voice, even when it’s different from others, they will particpate, they will be engaged and they will contribute to your company in ways that are impactful and meaningful.

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