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Life Events & Loyalty

What’s the difference between just going to a job every day and truly being a part of an organization? There are a number of factors that influence this distinction, but organizations that meaningfully celebrate milestones foster feelings of loyalty throughout their workforce. When employees feel their professional and personal life events matter, work-life balance is a natural byproduct, and so is employee satisfaction.


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Celebrate Personal & Professional Milestones

Weʼll let the numbers speak for themselves. Time and time again, studies show the connection between celebrating milestones and employee loyalty, but it's just not enough to have a service anniversary program in place. If the average tenure of an employee is 2.5 years, you need to consider a couple of points:​

  1. How effective is that 5-year milestone reward?

  2. What must you do and offer to keep employees engaged for longer than 2.5 years?


We All Celebrate

Celebrating milestones can transform the employee experience long after the event. In Maestro, you can celebrate personal and professional milestones including:

• Promotions

• Work anniversaries

• Birthdays

• Retirement

• Local holidays & festivals 

• Weddings

• Engagements

• Family events

• Other major life events

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