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Social Recognition

While other technologies can isolate users, Maestro makes employee recognition a truly bonding social experience. Maestro meaningfully connects employees with one another and their organization, and no feature does that better than MaestroCheer.

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The activity stream enables employees to make meaningful connections with one another through recognition delivered via interactive messages, audio, video and likes.


executives that would choose video over text on the same topic


mobile video viewers who share videos with others

Take That "Thank You" And Multiply It

Did you know that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and imagescombined? Now that’s what we call engagement. These staggering stats mean that if you’re not using video to deliver social recognition, then you’re missing a key engagement opportunity.


Public & private: cover both recognition bases

Who doesn’t appreciate a personal message thanking them for their contributions? For those giving recognition, there’s the option to write both a public and private message along with your choice of eCards.

Stay up-to-date on what's happening in your network

Network is an easy way to follow the people you have the most interest in.


Network also allows you to:


  • Easily recognize colleagues

  • Receive notifications when people in your network are coming up on a milestone

  • Create and add new networks, so you can view their activity and recognize them easily

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