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Madison and Siemens Usa Present at Worldatwork’s Total Rewards 2012 Conference & Exhibition

Co-Presenters Mike Ryan and Susan Brown Re-examine the Business Case for Employee Recognition

New York, NY. May 21, 2012 — Madison Performance Group, a global web-based workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider, announced that Mike Ryan, senior vice president of marketing and strategy, and Susan Brown, senior director of compensation for Siemens Corp., will be featured speakers today at WorldatWork's Total Rewards 2012 Conference & Exhibition.

Their presentation, “Doing More with Less: Re-examining the Business Case for Employee Recognition,” will address why employee recognition is key to a company's success and how Siemens improved the effectiveness and efficiency of their recognition and reward programs.

“As companies battle to keep top performers, recognition must be part of the retention strategy and it is crucial that HR helps managers leverage tools that reward and motivate employees,” said Ryan. “In our fast-paced, hyper-competitive society, recognition programs need to align employee effort with the overall goals of the organization.”

Conference attendees will learn: • Why employee recognition is relevant today; • How to broaden the business case for recognition programs; and • How Siemens USA successfully implemented a large-scale employee recognition program.

“While a decentralized operating model allowed Siemens to move with speed, recognition and reward programs varied by business unit and were not connected to overall corporate objectives,” said Brown. “Working with Madison Performance Group, we unified our recognition program to motivate and engage our diverse workforce, as well as give human resources better insight and oversight of employees.”

For more information, visit Madison Performance Group at WorldatWork Total Rewards 2012 Conference & Exhibition at booth 229.

Media Contact: Meggan Manson Young & Associates 301-371-6995

About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison delivers intuitive and multi-faceted Recognition, Incentive and Service Anniversaryprograms powered by Maestro, their uniquely configurable cloud-based SaaS technology. Recognition Group Travel, Concierge Travel Arrangements and Corporate Meetings are an integral part of these capabilities. Designed to solve an organization’s unique business issues, Madison’s approach encompasses the totality of a company’s performance drivers and focuses on the individuals responsible for ultimate success–employees, sales and channel partners.

Madison’s performance and sales boosting methods coupled with powerful analytics and innovative solutions give management the power to purposefully engage an audience; measurably identify leadership traits; effectively motivate tangible potential; and sharply incent individuals. Leveraging scientific principles to guide desirable change of human behavior and elevate performance, Madison has been helping clients do more by encouraging their audiences to achieve more for 40 years.

For more information: Madison Email: Phone: 866.535.2543 Fax: 212.308.0646

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