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Madison Challenges Training Professionals to Integrate Workforce Recognition for Long-Term Success

Put Training Initiatives into Personal Context, Align Incentives with Improvements And Leverage Feedback For Long-Term, High-Impact Training, Says Madison

New York, NY. February 16, 2012 — With companies investing nearly $60 billion annually in training, Madison Performance Group, a global web-based workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider, recently offered attendees at the Training 2012 Conference insight on how to maximize their training investments through integrated workforce recognition. During the How Rewards and Recognition Can Improve the Impact of Your Training Investment presentation by Mike Ryan, Madison’s senior vice president of marketing and client strategy, Ryan shared key insights for training professionals to help employees embrace new skills for long-term measurable success.

“Training is a key business imperative but the long-term results are falling short because there is little reinforcement in real world business scenarios,” said Ryan. “Training professionals must put the business strategy behind the learning into a personal context and incentivize employees with relevant rewards to foster lasting behavioral change.”

By integrating employee recognition and rewards with training initiatives, companies can seamlessly set, reward and then reset the performance hurdles to help employees see a clear and obtainable path to professional success that aligns with the corporate strategy.

“Companies should also incorporate their employee survey feedback into their training initiatives to address employee strengths and weaknesses when it is most relevant,” added Ryan in his session.

Media Contact: Meggan Manson Young & Associates 301-371-6995

About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison delivers intuitive and multi-faceted Recognition, Incentive and Service Anniversaryprograms powered by Maestro, their uniquely configurable cloud-based SaaS technology. Recognition Group Travel, Concierge Travel Arrangements and Corporate Meetings are an integral part of these capabilities. Designed to solve an organization’s unique business issues, Madison’s approach encompasses the totality of a company’s performance drivers and focuses on the individuals responsible for ultimate success–employees, sales and channel partners.

Madison’s performance and sales boosting methods coupled with powerful analytics and innovative solutions give management the power to purposefully engage an audience; measurably identify leadership traits; effectively motivate tangible potential; and sharply incent individuals. Leveraging scientific principles to guide desirable change of human behavior and elevate performance, Madison has been helping clients do more by encouraging their audiences to achieve more for 40 years.

For more information: Madison Email: Phone: 866.535.2543 Fax: 212.308.0646

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