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The Elevator Speech for Recognition at the Motivation Show

Mike Ryan of Madison Performance Group Presents Compelling Ideas for Discussing Value of Recognition in the Workplace

New York, NY. & Chicago, IL. October 11, 2010 — Even with the current employment picture, progressive firms are considering how to broaden their use of recognition to create a competitive advantage with their most valuable asset – their people. Recognized expert Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Client Strategy at Madison Performance Group, will tackle issues being discussed in the C-suite around recognition’s strategic role at The Motivation Show in Chicago.

In his presentation, “The Elevator Speech for Recognition: New Ideas, Opinions and Research Delivered in Quick, Easy-to-Use Doses,” on Tues, Oct. 12, 2010 from 2-3:15 p.m. at The Motivation Show, Ryan will discuss the questions of what motivates people and why, and discuss the opinions, research and new ideas that make a case for recognition’s expanding role as a corporate resource.

“Executives’ thinking about their people as the real links in the value chain – and how recognition can enhance their value -- has picked up significant momentum,” explains Ryan. “This presentation will demonstrate the practical business benefits that are sometimes overlooked during recognition discussions in corporate America.”

Attendees will also hear talking points that put recognition and its business rationale into compelling sound bytes, as well as new ideas on strategy, execution and outcomes.

Media Contact: Gina Jessica Smith Marketing Director 212.419.1388

About Madison

As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison provides enterprise-class organizations with employee recognition, incentives and service anniversary programs designed for the needs of today’s ever-changing workforce. Madison’s recognition strategy focuses on making managers mentors, reinforcing a sense of belonging, celebrating personal and professional milestones and emphasizing inclusion and diversity.

For more information: Madison Email: Phone: 866.535.2543 Fax: 212.308.0646

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