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Service Anniversary

Generational, celebratory & social

Strengthen the bond between your organization and your workforce

Increase the commitment and loyalty of your employees. Research indicates milestones can contribute to the overall affinity an individual feels towards the organization. Service Anniversary awards can be used to make recognition personal by reflecting on both the individual’s achievement and the story of their journey.

With Maestro, the most mobile, configurable and flexible Social Recognition Technology available today, your service anniversary experience is more meaningful and multi-faceted than ever before. Reinforce a corporate culture where loyalty and commitment are recognized and rewarded. Retain your top talent by celebrating their milestones and appreciating their achievements with service anniversary awards that guide behavior, ultimately delivering results for your company.

Our Service Anniversary programs are:

  • Generational

  • Individual

  • Celebratory

  • Virtual & in-person

  • Social

  • Global

  • Mobile

Interested in learning more about our Service Anniversary programs?

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