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Addressing Tomorrow’s Leadership Shortage Today with Employee Recognition

June 5, 2013 | By Mike Ryan

Presented by: Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

Even though unemployment remains stubbornly high, businesses have struggled to attract and retain employees with the right skills sets and leadership potential they need to grow the enterprise over time. In fact, a narrowing of the leadership pipeline (defined as a global shortage of workers who possess both the abilities and attitudes of a potential leader) is putting a squeeze on the long-term goals of most businesses.

Why is this happening? And, more importantly, what can HR do right now to ensure that their companies come out ahead in the race to secure long-term leadership from their existing employee ranks. Where will the leaders of tomorrow going to come from? And what role can your employee recognition programs play right now to help identify and encourage top talent?

This webinar will make the case for the “Total Recognition” solution—a more balanced and complete implementation philosophy that from day one will afford a comprehensive answer to enterprise recognition.

This webinar will examine:

  • The impact employee demographics and work styles play in shaping the leadership divide

  • The transition employees take from workers to managers to leaders

  • The role of employee and organizational alignment plays in shaping vision adoption

  • How existing leaders influence potential ones

  • How the right employee engagement systems help HR nurture the leadership pipeline


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