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Replacing Risk With Value: Another Role for Your Sales Incentive Programs

December 18, 2013 | By Mike Ryan

Successful salespeople use every phase of the sales process to distinguish themselves. They are laser-focused in the way they seek out potential buyers and equally skilled in how they inject themselves into their evaluations. Their lines of questioning probe deeper. They work to identify and involve other decision makers and they position their product’s benefits beyond the spoken needs of all concerned. Their well-orchestrated activities allow them to maximize the value they bring to the table while minimizing the range of risks a buyer deals with.

In a demanding economy, where all spending decisions are under increased scrutiny and where shifting buying behaviors, competitive products offerings and a universal tightening of budgets have reduced the odds of winning, why are some salespeople more successful than others? How do some manage to close more deals and do so more often sometimes at price points that are well above other options? How? By adding value and reducing risk. In other words, they don’t discount their offerings; they distinguish them through value-building selling behaviors.


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