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What Can One Industry Teach All Others About Employee Recognition and Engagement?

August 28, 2013 | By Mike Ryan

Presented by: Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

High engagement is important for any business. In our talent-driven, knowledge-based economy, organizations that pay close attention to their engagement strategies to gain a discernible leg up over rivals.

And while businesses across many categories have successfully implemented programs one industry in particular—the professional services sector—has outshined all others. Why is that? And what can others learn from their practices?

The defining difference is that many professional services companies are way ahead of the planning and execution curve.

  • They consistently convert executive support into visible leadership

  • They systematically align individual efforts to the broader mission of the firm

  • They leverage the voice of internal and external customers in their feedback loops

  • And they choose technology that is adaptable to their own environments

This webinar will expand on the importance of each distinction and provide actionable best practices to consider incorporating within your employee recognition strategies and programs.


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