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Why “Sales Rep Engagement” is Important & How HR Can Help to Improve It

June 17, 2014 | By Mike Ryan

Presented by: Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

The phrase “employee engagement” has captured the attention of business executives for some time now, but does engagement really matter for sales reps?

Just like employee engagement, “sales rep engagement” is of equal importance—perhaps more so for any business that wants to have a significant competitive advantage. Businesses should be paying special attention to the people who sell for them. Reps that are emotionally and intellectually invested in what they do (and who they do it for) are more invested in their clients and drive better business results.

This webinar will outline why sales rep engagement is so critical and why HR needs to own the sales rep engagement discussion.

In the webinar, Madison’s Mike Ryan will also examine:

  • The types of planning and execution tools you can bring to the table

  • How the science of behavioral economics can positively influence the way you set goals and reinforce outcomes

  • The importance of having configurable technology in making sales rep engagement a reality


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